Our workshop programmes are designed to assist organisations in specific areas such as strategic thinking, business planning, sales effectiveness, brand management and project management.

In each case, we discuss the workshop objectives in details before deciding on the format of the event and the external attendees. In some cases we use psychometric profiling tools to assist us in ensuring that the external attendees compliment the profile of the internal team.


Most new workshop programmes begin with a 1-day foundation session. The objective of the foundation day is to confirm and agree the workshop goals, discuss the tools and techniques that will be used during the workshop, "build" the team and lay the foundations for a successful event.

The foundation day is an important part of the process and a key reason for our success in that all too often people arrive at off-site planning meeting having spent several hours travelling, grab a quick coffee, switch off their mobile phone and are immediately thrown into a brainstorming session. Little wonder that most such planning meetings achieve so little.

During the evening the team will be joined by the Extensor Associates who will be present during the workshop. Associates who attend workshop events are selected on the basis of their particular knowledge and experience and their ability to challenge the group on the basis of their experience in other business sectors.

Following the initial 2-day workshop, subsequent workshop sessions with the same group will not require an additional foundation day.

While the thoughts and ideas that are generated during such workshops are of great vale, the key deliverable of such meetings is an action plan that clearly defines the next steps. All Extensor action plans must conform to our SMART criteria, in that they should be:

      Achievable and Ambitious
      Results oriented

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