What can you do for others?

Fact: Organisations that strive for a motivating environment and promote a good work-life balance for all employees have a higher productivity, lower staff turnover and less lost days due to illness and stress.

So what can you do to improve the work-life balance of people in the organisation or team you are responsible for?  Here are some suggestions:

Respect people’s personal time.  Think twice before setting out of hours meetings or calls, or imposing deadlines and targets that are unrealistic.  Remember that long hours and impossible targets don’t necessarily lead to better results.

Time management.  Allow everyone who’s not governed strictly by operational hours to manage their own time.  Encourage everyone to be achievement-orientated rather than time-orientated.  Ultimately we all get paid according to our results, not according to how much time we spend achieving them!

Set clear and realistic objectives.  The better someone understands and agrees what is expected of them, the more able they are to actively contribute to the organisation’s goals.

Acknowledge people’s efforts and accept that results won’t always be perfect.  Leading by positive affirmation and constructive feedback makes people feel good and enhances their emotional motivation.

Kill bureaucracy.  Almost all processes and procedures have a limited useful life-span.  As well as being inefficient, out-of-date processes are demoralising.  Encourage your people to constantly look for things that they can stop doing or processes they can improve.

Your people are the most important resource you have to work with.  Look after them and they will look after you.


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