Extensor Services

At Extensor we strongly believe that people are individuals and, while general training programmes are of value in establishing a broad set of principles, the interpretation and application of those principles will vary according to the individual concerned.

We therefore encourage all our clients to discuss their needs with us, even before booking a delegate onto one of our open courses, as the best results are not always derived from generic programmes.

To achieve maximum impact, and therefore best return on investment, we will discuss each candidate individually and make suggestions regarding the most effective service or combination of services to use.

Where Extensor services are used in combination, we base the plan for each around the same set of business objectives and we regularly review the objectives and results internally. In this way we achieve maximum effectiveness for the minimum cost.

Extensor services include:




     Knowledge-sharing network


To learn more about Extensor's services and the way in which they could be tailored to suit your particular requirements, please contact Extensor on:

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