An amazing tale - shame it's true!

In the beginning there was a good idea – it was called the “common market”.  It was designed to get the countries of Europe trading together on a level playing field and away from the tariffs and protectionism of the past.

Unfortunately it did not stop there as some countries realised that if they were not able to protect their inefficient industries, those industries would collapse.  So to encourage those countries to join in, the other countries agreed to subsidise their inefficient industries.  This is how Britain ended up being a net donor to the EU whereas Spain is a net beneficiary – it is because we are more efficient than they are.

They then realised that the plan wouldn’t work properly if people were able to bend the rules by setting different standards in their respective countries, so it was decided that some laws needed to be harmonised and that a central court should be established to enforce them.

Some time later they thought harmonising currencies and having a single European constitution was a good idea.   And finally they have elected some Belgian bloke President on the basis that they didn’t want anyone too powerful in the job in case they then did something that they didn’t like.

You couldn’t make this stuff up!


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Herman van Rompuy
EU President


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