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Newsletter April 2015


thinking managers

Ask a silly question…:

The asking of perceptive and searching questions is the first of two of the most important skills of management, the second is interpreting answers. In this article, Alistair Schofield uses examples to illustrate how the skill of questioning is sometimes misapplied, and to show how answers are not always what they appear to be.

thinking managers

Local hero

Last Sunday a 22-year-old Frenchman was found by police in the shipyard at Vannes in Brittany administering CPR to an inflatable boat.

A police spokesman said "He was underneath a boat, on his knees, trying to resuscitate a rubber dinghy." The man was taken into custody and put in a cell to sleep it off.


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Work Life Balance

Don't be a Tosser

Did you know that more than a billion pounds a year of your taxes is spent on cleaning up the litter 'tossers' throw out of their car windows? These anti-social idiots need to be stopped!

Work Life Balance

Chose Your Attitude

Gill points out that somewhere in the gap between stimulus and response, we all have the option of choosing how to react.


Attributes of a Truly Great Place to Work

Research demonstrates that engaged employees are at the heart of the most successful organisations, but that only a minority of employees are fully engaged.

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