In today's fast-moving world, the sharing of knowledge between experienced people is not a luxury; it is an essential element in being successful and ensuring that all your resources are focused on genuine innovation and are not wasted on re-invention.

We therefore offer access to our unique Knowledge Sharing Network in the following ways:

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership enables organisations to offer access to our Knowledge Sharing Network to their senior people and high-potential individuals.

Membership entitles the organisation to the following benefits:

     Access to the Knowledge Sharing Network

     10% discount off Extensor courses

     An invitation to our seminars and other events

The annual charges for Membership varies according to the number of people provided with access as follows:

  Membership for up to 10 people
  Additional per Member charge for the next 20 Members
  Additional per Member charge thereafter

The charges shown above are exclusive of VAT

Individual Membership

Individual membership is available to people who have attended an Extensor training course, workshop or who have received coaching through our coaching programme.

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