How does it work?

All Extensor Members are given access to a secure web site that provides them with the contact details of all Associates and fellow Members as well as access to the Message Board.

The purpose of the Message Board is to provide a secure and anonymous means of putting someone with an interest in a particular subject in touch with people with relevant knowledge and experience.

Once an enquiry has been submitted, it is automatically broadcast by e-mail to all Associates along with all Members who have elected to receive enquiries by e-mail. All of those people who believe that they can be of assistance then post a brief response on the Message Board.


The identity of the respondents is displayed along with their response such that the enquirer is able to view the profile of the person concerned before deciding whether or not to contact them directly. The intention being that the enquirer then arranges to meet with one or more of the respondents to discuss their experience in greater detail.

So that Members know as much about them as practicably possible, we provide a profile for each Associate that describes their background as well as detailing their particular areas of expertise.


The profile illustrated here is that of Professor Bob Garratt.

Bob is the Chairman of Board Performance Limited, a company that specialises in coaching the boards of companies.

Bob is also Visiting Professor of Corporate Governance at Imperial College London and sits on the Professional Standards Committee and the Chartered Accreditation Board Examinations Committee at the Institute of Directors .

Bob is an acknowledged expert in corporate governance, organisational development and strategic thinking.

Providing our Members with one-to-one contact with people of this level and experience is what makes Extensor unique.


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