How is it used?

The Knowledge Sharing Network is based on the simple principle that no matter what opportunities or challenges you face in life, the chances are that someone has experienced something similar in the past and a chat with them would therefore be extremely useful.

The simplicity of this proposition means that the Network can be used in a wide variety of ways and can be used as a stand-alone service or used in conjunction with other services supplied by Extensor, in-house departments or indeed other 3rd party organisations.

We believe that the Network is especially valuable when used in conjunction with other services for the following reasons:

 Training - The real value of training, workshops and coaching lies not in what you are told, but in the thoughts and ideas you had during and after the event. However, frequently a large proportion of this creativity is lost after people return to their desks as they are no longer in an environment that gives them the time and space to turn ideas and half-ideas into practice. As Peter Drucker observed:

"Ideas are cheap and abundant; what is of value is the effective placement
of these ideas into situations that develop into action."

Access to the Knowledge Sharing Network is therefore given to our courses delegates as a means of accessing the collective knowledge and experience of a broad and diverse group of people. They also act as a means of helping translate classroom theory into practical implementation and as a sounding-board for the individual's own thoughts and ideas.

The network also provides them with a means of keeping in touch with fellow programme delegates, course leaders and other people that they will have met during the course.


  Workshops - The great benefit of a well-run workshop is that it is an extremely effective way of assembling the collective thoughts and ides of groups of people. However, it is frequently the case that more questions emerge in the days and weeks following a workshop session than were ever raised during it. It is a bit like visiting the doctor and finding that it is only after you left that all the questions you should have asked occur to you.

Providing access to the Network can therefore be invaluable during the weeks following a workshop as it gives the attendees a chance to continue to develop the thoughts, ideas and initiatives with the people who led and attended the workshop and, most importantly of all, with a broad range of senior people whose knowledge and experience will be invaluable in turning those ideas into actionable business plans.


  Coaching - Coaching is not about answers but about questions. As Billy Connolly (not often regarded as a management guru) so eloquently put it:

"Avoid people who say they know the answer. Keep the company of
people who are trying to understand the question."

However, asking questions of people is only any good if they have a means of answering them. For this reason we provide access to the Knowledge Sharing Network to everyone being coached by an Extensor coach and also make it available to in-house coaches in client organisations.

For the people being coached, it offers them to opportunity to speak in confidence to a much broader range of people than simply their coach.

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