Frequently asked questions

  What sort of topics can I raise?

Extensor is specifically designed to assist people with the major challenges they are facing at work, be they strategic or operational. The following examples will hopefully give you a better idea:

"We are currently specifying the requirements for a new computer system. I am concerned that we are basing too much of it on current procedures rather than focusing on core business processes but I am finding my staff are struggling with this distinction. Has anyone got any suggestions as to how I can help them to focus on process rather than procedure?"

"We currently sell our products through intermediaries but are in the process of developing a direct sales channel. I would be interested to have a chat with anyone who has successfully extended their channels to market in this way and can explain how they presented the change in such a way as to not appear to be entering into competition with their existing resellers ."

"I have recently been promoted to head up a department where I need to reduce the headcount. Many of the people that will inevitably be made redundant are personal friends. Having never had the unfortunate responsibility of presiding over a restructuring process of this type I would welcome talking to people who have experienced a similar situation and managed to keep personal friendships intact."


  Why are enquiries anonymous?
This is because we did not want people to be at all reticent about using the service. The best time to ask a question is when you are unsure of something. However, human nature being what it is, we all tend to hold back until we are confident that we are asking a "good" question.

The thought behind making the Message Board anonymous for enquirers was to minimise the emotional barrier to submitting an enquiry. In reality, it is very often the questions we might think of as being "silly", that go to the root cause of a problem.

  Can anyone respond to an Enquiry?
Yes. If you feel that you have knowledge or experience that could be of assistance to the enquirer we would very much like you to respond to them.

  What sort of things should I put in a response?
The purpose of response is simply to make yourself known to the enquirer and to provide them with a bit of a background as to why you believe you can be of assistance. Responses should therefore be short and to the point.

It is because responses should be short that we prefer that anyone who is responding to an enquiry should have created an on-screen Profile document for themselves. This document then enables the enquirer to find out more about the responder and saves the responder from having to give a potted history of their career every time the respond to an enquiry.

The following are a few examples of typical responses:

"I recently gave evidence to the Parliamentary Committee looking into this and would be happy to talk to you about the evidence we submitted and the reaction we got from the committee members."

"I have worked as a Sales Director and senior sales manager in a variety of multi-channel organisations and would be glad to assist if I can."

"We have just completed a similar project and I would be glad to discuss our experiences with you."

"I am just going through something very similar myself and I would welcome the opportunity to compare notes. Do please give me a call."

  How do I find the best person to speak to?
You don't, they find you.

The person who knows best whether they can be of assistance or not is the person themselves, so Extensor works by allowing you to describe your requirements in the form of an enquiry on the Message Board, and the responders volunteer themselves based on their understanding of your requirement and their assessment of their ability to help.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can look through the list of Associates in the Profiles section and contact someone directly based on the information they have supplied about themselves. You could also look through the profiles of those Members that have chosen to make profiles of themselves available.

  How often can I use the service?
You can use the service as often as you like although we would not expect the type of high level subjects that Extensor is designed to address to crop up more frequently that every few months or so.

  Am I expected to contact everyone who respond to my enquiry?
No, it is entirely up to you as to whether you contact any or all of the respondents, but I am sure that, having taken the trouble to respond to your enquiry, they would very much appreciate a brief email thanking them, if you feel it appropriate. However, no one is going to be offended if you don't.

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