Leadership Practices Questionnaire


“Like beauty, leadership is in the eye of the beholder.  You judge yourself by your intentions while others judge you by your actions.  Your intentions and the actions that others see may be miles apart.  Unless you know that, you are unlikely to change your actions or try to get others to see you differently.  You can become trapped in their reality and get very frustrated when they don't respond as you'd like.”

Jim Clemmer, Author

Extensor’s Leadership Practices questionnaire is designed to compare the way in which you perceive your leadership behaviours with that of your manager, colleagues and people who report to you.

Unlike many such assessment tools that only provide a ‘snapshot’ of your performance, the feedback from the Extensor questionnaire provides a wealth of information on what steps you might take to improve your performance and which areas to prioritise.

This information is then combined with the thoughts and ideas that emerged from the training or coaching programme to produce a high-impact personal development plan.

The questionnaire is administered electronically in complete confidence.  The feedback from everyone except the delegate’s manager is anonymous and the personal feedback is given exclusively to the individual.

Where leadership training is provided for intact teams, a group average report is produced to enable delegates to compare their results to that of the group overall.

For further details on Extensor’s Leadership Practices tool or our approach to leadership development, please contact Extensor on 01462 790444 or email .


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