(The MyBrain Indicator of Neurological Dominance)

Through a combination of genetic and environmental factors (nature and nurture), the brain’s neural network develops in such a way as to create a physical bias for which parts of our brain we prefer to use.  Over time, these parts of the brain therefore become “dominant” in much the same way as we develop preferences for which hand we write with or which foot we would use to kick a ball.

Because different parts of the brain process information in different ways, the bias created by these neural networks forms the foundation of our preferences and personalities.

The MiND tool has its origins in the work of neuroscientists such as Paul Broca, whose work in the 19th Century revealed that different parts of the brain perform specialised functions, Roger Sperry whose famous right-brain/left-brain research in the 1950s demonstrated that different parts of the brain process information in different ways, and contemporary scientists such as Elkhonon Goldberg whose work on the frontal lobes reveals the foundations of personality.

Based on this body of research, MyBrain International has developed a neurological model that explains how differences between the physical attributes of people’s brains form the foundations of their personalities.  By assessing the responses to a series of behavioural questions, the MiND tool is able to illustrate which parts of the brain a person prefers to use and, in doing so, help people understand why they are the way they are and in what ways other people may differ.

The MiND tool is not a psychometric as it is not based on a psychological model.  It is not attempting to assess or predict either temperament or personality, but is instead looking at the neurological foundations of personality – the boundary between physiology and psychology.  It is therefore not measuring the way you think and behave, but is instead providing information on why you think and behave the way you do.

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